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After trying various makes of film and heeding the advice of experienced photographers, I settled on Kodachrome. Many of us on the East Coast main line blamed the Deltics for sounding the death knell of our beloved Pacifics but there is no doubt that, for a diesel, they were extremely impressive. The footbridge south of Carnforth station was a good vantage point, from where I photographed D still in original livery leaving the station with an up express from Barrow below. The end of the line - Penzance below. The redundant loading gauge for the sidings was still hanging just to provide a frame for this shot above of No with a southbound Royal Mail train.

Across the river the skyline is dominated by Newcastle Civic Centre, still there today, unlike the coal merchant's sidings on the left which have long-since disappeared. Next, a couple of pictures taken at Plymouth. Dies ist die Ansicht unten auf der Drehscheibe im Bw Rheine - schade, dass die Motoren wurden nicht vor den anderen Weg! So if you are looking to make an impact, be sure you are ready with some unusual opening lines up your sleave. Earlier that year there had been another freight train derailment at the junction - the second one here, to my knowledge.

Dieser hatte sich hinter elektrische Lokomotive Nr. It embraced all the things which the preservation scene back home could not hope to emulate. Maybe you find further relevant information which helps you for this topic.

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Taken from a Penzance to Paddington express hauled by is this view above of the bridge from the western end. No doubt those who grew up with the all-green or even the s all-blue versions will have a different view! Which just goes to show just how subjective is the matter of locomotive aesthetics! The next day was our final one in Germany, with a free morning to ourselves.

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Meet the right local people with speed dating Newark-on-Trent Speed dating is intrinsically repetitive. That way you should be able to chat to your contacts in advance of the speed dating occasion. Tell them you have heard good things about a recently released movie, newground dating games or perhaps you would really like to go to Newark Air Museum. Climbing up to the road above me provided this scene of D Western Pathfinder above with another up express. The oil-burning locos had a distinctive smell which lingered in the air as the sound of the exhaust faded into the distance!

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Back to the bridges again for some pictures south of the Tyne. The problem with including the whole scene, of course, meant that the trains were usually too far away to identify the locomotives! Overall, it had been a fantastic five days, although I was slightly disappointed in not being able to photograph a double-headed ore train - but hey, that's just a minor gripe! Also heading for Newcastle is No above.

An diesem Abend gab es ein furchtbares Gewitter nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit. The following day I was at Liskeard again, this time photographing arriving at the station above before repeating the journey and travelling on the train to Plymouth. Here's a shot below of an passing under the footbridge with iron ore empties heading north.

The northbound goods train had been crossing from the slow to the fast lines when it came to grief earlier that day. With only one engine apparently in action, No St. The final five pictures were taken during my June visit.

The final Deltic shot was taken at Newcaste Central in December above showing D Tulyar alongside a relic of the steam age. The road bridge in the background of the previous picture provided a convenient frame in which to photograph Royal Engineer above heading west. Now in my early twenties and armed with a new Pentax camera, I took a renewed interest in recording the changing railway scene, this time in colour as well as black and white. Occasionally engineering work usually at weekends would necessitate diversions away from the main lines, providing opportunities for photography in different locations. Their two-tone green livery suited them very well, particularly when set off by the red-backed nameplates mounted amidships.

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Work on the new junction was in full swing in June as No passed the pw gang with an up express below. Never mind, it gives a good side view of the old station building now demolished, of course. This had arrived behind electric loco which is just appearing on the right of the picture to make way for it.

By June the exchange sidings for the Team Valley Trading Estate had fallen into disuse, as shown in this view of No passing the weeds with an Anglo-Scottish express below. Like D in the previous view, the loco has the interim green plus large yellow ends livery.

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Now here's something you don't see every day - a diesel brake tender with express passenger headlamps! In the event our train was diesel-hauled, and by an accident of bad-timing we passed a double-headed ore train on the way there. This is the view below across the turntable at Rheine shed - what a pity that the engines were not facing the other way round! The indicator blinds on D are obviously out of action as stand-in figures have been stuck on.

The first station out of Newcastle was Manors. That evening there was a terrific thunderstorm after dark.

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This loco had been on trials on the East Coast main line for a while and I took the opportunity of travelling behind it from Durham that day. Vorbei Meppen ist keine mit einem nach Norden express oben. Unfortunately the identities of both locos were not recorded. Back to the London end of the station below as the driver of a sparkling clean D Western Emperor chats to fellow railwaymen as he waits for the road with a train for Paddington. Shortly after passing Manors, trains would cross the Ouseburn Viaduct.

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Passing Meppen non-stop is with a northbound express above. As a way of thanking our genial West German hosts all these years later the photo captions have been translated into German, courtesy of Google Translation - here - is this a first, I wonder? Turning left under the same arch gives this view of D Western Marquis slowing for the station stop below. First, a china clay train heading east waiting for the road behind D Western Sentinel below. South of Exeter the railway skirts the wide estuary of the River Exe past Starcross then hugs the coast round to Teignmouth via Dawlish, a beautiful stretch of line much-photographed over the years.

By the last of them had bowed out, bringing to an end nearly twenty years of the various diesel-hydraulic classes on the Western Region. While we are in London here's a picture of D Western Reliance in maroon livery. East of the station the railway runs alongside the seawall, where is approaching from the north below.

Second and fourth from the left are Pacifics. Strangely enough, I never did win any photographic competitions with pictures of trains. This would be or and the location is Low Fell, of course.

South of the station the line crossed a tributary of the River Ems, which was a pleasant place to wait between trains, where I captured this below heading north with iron ore empties for Emden. Das letzte Foto oben zeigt die Dampflok den Bahnhof verlassen, mit einigen Mitgliedern unserer Partei auf der Plattform auch unter ihrem letzten Bilder von der Tour. The next station to the west is Newton Abbot, where I photographed D Western Venturer with a stone train below passing through the station. Gateshead and Thornaby sheds had several on their books in the s and they were often seen at Low Fell. Ich entdeckte einen ruhigen Ort neben einem kleinen Kanal im Norden von Lingen, wo ich fotografiert No beschleunigt vom Bahnhof entfernt oben mit einem nach Norden express.