Robin dating starfire, robin and starfire dating fanfiction

Robin dating starfire

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Robin and starfire dating fanfiction

Teen Titans 25 Crazy Things About Robin And Starfire s Relationship

Starfire, on the other hand, is of an alien race descendant from cats, much like how humans are believed to be evolved from apes. They were even named prom king and queen. It's got to be nice to be Good-Looking.

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But wasn't the answer sort of obvious? After that, she was sent into exile. Batman's archenemy shot her in the abdomen, paralyzing her from the waist down.

  1. There are many times when Robin saves her from falling or being hit by something.
  2. They are overwhelmed until only Robin and Starfire and remain able to fight.
  3. Story Story Writer Forum Community.
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Ain't that always how it is? While Robin is clearly human, Starfire is of an alien species called Tamaranean. Everyone cheered as the bride passionately kissed the groom. Beastboy was saying something, and wonder of wonders, Raven was smiling. Beast Boy also trusts Starfire enough to help hide his secret pet Silkie from the other Titans, and it is during this episode she forms her maternal bond to Silkie.

Robin's case is more well-known of course. Next morning Robin entered the living room feeling rather worried. However, even though Robin can't fully see it, Starfire is not happy with the situation either, as she is forced into marrying someone she doesn't love. After five years knowing and dating Starfire, Robin finally plucks up the courage to propose to her. However, it's shown that he actively avoids battling Starfire, and when forced to face her, he refuses to strike her down even when Slade repeatedly orders him to.

Robin merely basked in the combined feeling of Starfire's love and the familylike warmth of the team. But happy days always come to an end. Superheroes all have their own special way to fight crime. These two staple Teen Titans members come from completely different worlds, quite literally, akali matchmaking which adds an intriguing dynamic to their relationship. He saw his parents lose their lives in front of his eyes.

Robin dating starfire

Most teams she would join following the Titans were in order to get closer to him. Log Files Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. However, she only becomes truly upset when Blackfire is shown to be constantly flirting with Robin.

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  • Starfire's villainous sister Blackfire only made two appearances on the animated series and both times she tried breaking up Robin and Starfire.
  • Teenagers can never just say what they're feeling, especially when they're in love.
  • Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.
  • Robin's obsession with the villain Slade had more episodes devoted to it.

He would rather have had another run-in with Slade, but Starfire talked him into it. Later on, they all go to a nightclub. Once, it was inadvertently exploited by Killer Moth when he wanted Robin to take Kitten to prom, which angered beyond rational thought other than to protect Robin. This was during a period when Starfire had moved to Florida and was trying to figure out her place in the world outside of being a superhero. He had never felt so happy in his life.

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Those are the people whose words truly matter. Starfire enjoys Robin's teachings to no end, and they get along very well. After the mission was over, she visits him again, where he is sadly taking off the hologram. This strained not only their relationship, but her relationship with their son Jake too. Galfore and Batman were smiling too.

Robin dating starfire

The warm air drifting in through every window reminded all of the trip to Tamaran they would take soon. Breaking the comfortable silence, he spoke. Instead, he was isolating himself from her because of a power he had inside him, but finally allowed to speak to him when she told him of the resilience of her people. When Robin and Starfire first met, their relationship was rather rocky at the start since she had been prisoner for so long and she was in a place that was still very new to her. Robin almost gets himself captured again, but Starfire thankfully saves Robin and the both fly off together to a secret hideout.

However, the love was still there, with the two often going off and on. They always seem to be able to do things human bodies never could. Starfire was also later adopted, dating site via but by a fellow Tamaranean named Galfore. Beast Boy has learned good things from.

Titans 20 Strange Things About Robin And Starfire s Relationship

He took out the lavender piece of paper with a small white starflower imbedded in it. With only the two appearances, it's hard to say what Blackfire's motivation was. Like the other Titans, Starfire is confused about whether or not Terra has truly returned.

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It was always present certainly, but in five seasons it was only the focus of an episode's plot five times. She takes friendship very seriously, and is easily distressed when others, especially her friends, argue or fight. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

Happily Ever After Chapter 1 Marriage to a Star a teen titans fanfic

You're probably doing it for the wrong reasons and it won't end well. Starfire clasped her hands together and danced around the room. That's the problem with teenagers, they're never willing to admit how they feel.

The two have met and fought alongside each other on the Teen Titans for a majority of their relationship, but their stories have led them to join other factions, and not always as a couple. Her eyes are now feline-like, and has a white underbelly, and a tail. She knew Beastboy loved Raven from a while back, so she just wanted them to get together. When the Titans first arrive in Tokyo, sonny's bbq pigskin hookup they have some trouble with the language since non of them are able to speak Japanese. Between them flowed a blissful silence more rich than any amount of talking could amount to.

It's how she learned English, by planting a big smooch on Robin. Her second marriage, with General Phy'zzon, also a Tamaranean, would take place well after her relationship with Dick Grayson, however, this one took place out of love. Cyborg was chewing on a cushion. Choose an option below to continue browsing ScreenRant. Waiting wouldn't lessen his feelings nor make him less nervous.

This attack ultimately failed and a furious Starfire finally snapped. Just before leaving, however, she is stopped by Robin. She tugged at her dark jeans. One would assume the Teen Titan member named after a bird would be able to achieve flight, however, gamer dating sites us that would be wrong.

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