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Creating partnerships with the community will be key, as Hillard Heintze noted. If we could only get the flight rules for drones more in line with the reality, law enforcement may be able to actually use some of these devices. Again, we are looking at a single or a small group of criminals victimizing, in this case, millions of people in a single incident. Think about pulling over a car, finding it full of intoxicated passengers and no driver.

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From what I heard at the future trends program, terabytes are the new megabytes, and tomorrow, mixed race guys dating married exabytes will be the new terabytes. Dealing with future recruits will require salty supervisors to revisit how they motivate and direct their subordinates.

Jacobstein also discussed some interesting law enforcement twists when it comes to computer algorithms and computer intelligence. Incorporating these values into training can help foster collaboration and empathy and develop a next generation of leaders. Today we are mulling over the same issues as we did when we put the floppy in the side of the camera. An officer responding to a call will need to know that making direct contact with a female family member might aggravate relations with male family members.

Future Trends in Policing

Fast-forward to the dawn of and you have police agencies trying to figure out what to do with gigabytes, even terabytes worth of multimedia digital evidence. There are rewarding opportunities available to individuals committed to the law enforcement profession in and beyond.

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By being upfront about their practices, police departments can build deeper connections with the communities they serve. In South Carolina, legislation was introduced to classify dashcam videos of officer-involved shootings as public information.

So maybe in the not too distant future, cyber detectives will not have to make their own undercover profiles and spend hours chatting with sexual predators. It is scary to think what criminals will be using five years in the future.

So, what are you going to do the next time you are working an active police situation and you see an unidentified quad copter flying overhead? Police agencies better start thinking seriously about storage solutions.

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In addition to this intelligence helping keep citizens safe, it can also help police departments use their resources more efficiently and save money. Drugs are being brought into the country by unmanned submersibles and rioters are using aerial surveillance to keep an eye on the riot police.

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Are You Ready for the Future of Policing?

The implications of these trends will enable us to anticipate and respond to new policing challenges and opportunities. How about the concept of predictive policing? By being aware of how policing is evolving, criminal justice professionals can hone in-demand skills and uphold the safety of the public more effectively. That would really be smart policing. Stronger relationships between the police and the community Creating stronger relationships with the community will also be a top trend in policing this year.