How do you hook up your cell phone to your car, how to listen to pandora in your car

Connect a Smartphone to Your Car Stereo

Your best bet Bluetooth
Connect a Smartphone to Your Car Stereo

Take a close look at the wall charger that came with your phone for the manufacturer's recommended charging rate and try to match or exceed that number with your car charger. At a bare minimum, connecting the app on your radio to the app on your phone will allow you to stream music and control playback via the head unit controls. Worst case scenario is you get it backwards and what was meant to come out on the right side of your car now comes out on the left side. It was a pleasure making this for you guys.

Make You Own Hands Free Car System for Your Phone

Take it off piece by piece till the board finally comes out hopefully in one piece. After you successfully pair your Bluetooth phone with your car, you can go ahead and make sure that everything is working properly. Now would be a good time to check the length of your wires to see if your wires are long enough.

Car Tech s guide to using your Android phone in the car

Make You Own Hands Free Car System for Your Phone. 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Solid Green is left positive connect it to the other positive on your audio jack. Well with this simple and very cost effective hack, those problems are problems of the past. You'll connect to this simple audio connection with an audio patch cable that plugs into your phone's headphone jack. There is a company called Blitzsafe that makes this stuff.

Step 2 Head into your phone s setup menu

Pandora also maintains a list of vehicle models and aftermarket radios that include integration. The circuit board is very brittle and if you bend it too much it will break, try to keep it as straight as possible. Now place the board with the buttons away from you, more love and the microphone up. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This is usually turned off to save battery.

  1. Depending on the specifics of your vehicle, you can go about that in a couple different ways.
  2. See Use Apple CarPlay for more details.
  3. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.
  4. Or do you have one that for some reason does not seem to work with your phone no matter how many times you take it to the dealer and your cell phone company?
  5. We've gotten our hands on Android Auto a few times at this point and are very excited about how well integrated it appears to be and the depth of voice command that it brings to the car.
  6. As is often the case with cars and Androids, your mileage may vary.

Hooking up your iPhone to a car stereo is a fairly easy procedure and can be done in an instant. Hook up your iPhone to your car stereo. This way, you can be sure that you can always listen to your favorite music or use your phone hands-free whenever you are driving. This will allow your car stereo to receive any information coming from your iPhone.

How to Listen to Pandora in Your Car

Step 1 Initiate paring on your car s stereo
3 Ways to Hook Up an iPhone to a Car Stereo - wikiHow

However, if you are already in the market for a new ride, knowing which automakers and vehicles are available with infotainment systems that are Android-friendly may sway your ultimate choice. Drive around and make some calls, but I would also turn on your ac or heater full blast or roll down the windows to check the addes noise of the air. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. If you're using a totally hands-free system like a Pandora Link connection, you can simply toss the phone anywhere a cup holder, the center console storage bin, state pa or your pocket are all good spots.

Run out to your car and determine where you want to put the microphone. In either case, both devices will have to be ready to search or ready to be found within the same window of two minutes or so. In fact, some cars now come with Pandora functionality baked right in. Stock infotainment options Most people can't run out and buy a new car just because their current set of wheels is incompatible with their smartphone.

In my picture the Christmas wire is connected to the green wire and the gold is connected to a gold wire. Jeremy Laukkonen is a tech writer drawing from experience as a technology ghostwriter and as the creator of a popular blog and a video game startup. Some vehicles have a single button that's used to activate all of the voice control functionality of the infotainment system. Each car comes with a preset passkey, which you can typically find in your user's manual.

How to Listen to Pandora in Your Car
  • Get an audio auxiliary cable.
  • Alpine and Sony are also among the number of car stereo manufacturers that are supporting the MirrorLink standard.
  • However, the method was finicky at best, and too many incompatibilities between handsets and stereos forced me to stop recommending that inconsistent hack.
  • You can test the exhaust question by finding a way to attach your phone to the steering wheel and driving around and calling friends to check on the noise level.

As long as your car stereo is in pairing mode, you should see it listed in the available Bluetooth devices. Whatever you normally do while driving. And if that doesn't work, your local dealer may be able to provide you with the original passkey.

However, not all chargers are created equal. Although it is often possible to pair one device to multiple other devices, each connection is secure and unique to one particular pair of devices. Do you have an older car that does not have those fancy hands free systems, that let you talk on your phone and have it play through your stereo system while driving? Car radios with integrated Pandora functionality work by connecting an app on the radio to an app on a smartphone. Just remember to take out the middle white strands before you try to apply heat.

Now that your iron is hot and your wires are fluxed just try tin them like normal. Cookies make wikiHow better. While all the electrical stuff is hidden behind the dash? In this case, the next step is to navigate to the telephone settings in the infotainment system menu. Calls can be placed by accessing the phone through the infotainment system touch screen.

Pair a Cell Phone With Your Car via Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling

The next generation of Android to car connectivity is just around the corner. Although this is easy to do with my Android, which has an earphone jack, my iPhone does not. Os I began to try to think of a solution that would benefit me and help out my now very annoyed friends. While you should be able to move along in the pairing process by either setting your phone to discoverable or having your phone search for devices, it may not work at first.

How to Pair a Bluetooth Cell Phone with Your Car

You just have to do it the other way. Examples include the Honda Odyssey and the new Dodge Durango. Sometimes you'll be asked to confirm the connection and sometimes the pairing will just happen automatically. What that means is that Pandora is more likely to suffer from compression artifacts or sound tinny. Check if your car stereo has an auxiliary port.

You are then able to provide feedback on whether or not a specific song is a good fit, which allows the algorithm to fine-tune the station even further. Ya in theory that sounds like it would work but the only way to know for sure is to try it out. For instance, a free Pandora account can only stream a limited number of hours of music each month. Wire cutters I just used scissors.

Step 1 Materials Needed

Compatibility on the vehicle side, on the other hand, is more limited and slowly growing. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. If you don't have the manual, you can typically set your own passkey from the phone settings menu in your infotainment system. Connect the cable to your iPhone's headphone jack and the auxiliary port on the stereo. You are going to want to solder the solid red and solid green together, and solder them to the positive on your audio jack.

That means you can access all of your desktop playlists via your smartphone or a compatible Pandora car stereo. In order to successfully pair a cell phone to a car stereo, both the phone and the head unit must be Bluetooth compatible. Depending on how your audio or infotainment system is set up, either your car will be searching for your cell phone, or the cell phone will be searching for your car. Most people can't run out and buy a new car just because their current set of wheels is incompatible with their smartphone.

Flux your wires and pre tin your gun. Free accounts are also limited in other ways, such as only allowing you to skip a handful of songs each hour. Bluetooth-to-stereo audio streaming does have one minor drawback.

Thank you for posting this tutorial I found it very interesting and hoping I'm going to be able to do it! Double-check your car's manual. If you don't see Media audio as an option, chances are that your car stereo doesn't support it. On my truck I have a level surface behind the steering wheel so I could attach mine there but I do not have a very loud exhaust.

Take the other end of the cable and plug it to the auxiliary port on the car stereo. Enter the passcode to connect. Then take off the white rubber coating. Let me introduce myself, groundwater usgs I am a tinkerer and have been for as long as I can remember.

The Tech Guy
Step 2 Opening the Microphone

Whether your car has Pandora integration, or you choose to connect your phone to your stereo via an auxiliary jack, your phone will still eat up data whenever music is playing. By now your probably noticing that we are dealing with coated wires. Or, because phones are such personal devices, your handset may bring only a few of these things to your driving experience. If you have to, extend your wires, if not then please follow me to the next step. Start Bluetooth Pairing Mode on your car stereo.

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