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Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Win a round of any Breakout gametype while outnumbered in matchmaking. When the mission begins, fly the Falcon to the building directly opposite the landing pad, and descend into the fog. It takes deathless Heroic or Legendary mission completions to max out Flawless Cowboy, which is no walk in the park. You can quickly kill more of them and will be rewarded with lots of points.

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This is a reference to Bungie's favorite number. For Skunked, you need to be on the Defending team in a match of Invasion and win the round without letting the attackers capture a single control point. Fly to one of the ledges below the normal entrance. Make sure you're on Heroic difficulty!

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Look closely at the base of the ring to see the face of Chris Carney in the clouds of the Halo. Related sites Official Halo Waypoint. Halo Wars series Halo Wars. It may take several attempts to reach this area.

Then, start using that weapon, and fight off all waves. Activate it, and go back to Club Errera. Kill multiple enemy Spartans without dying.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Society and culture Languages. Fireteam Osiris Jameson Locke. Score Attack is an option, should i give up but it gets pretty boring after a short period of time.

Commendations (Halo Reach)
Halo Reach Campaign Commendations Guide

Commendations (Halo Reach)

Do not enter the lab or use the panel on the door to end the mission. Destroy enemy occupied Phaeton Gunships. Technology Technological Achievement Tiers. You get there by following the ledge to the end of the path.

Halo Reach Campaign Commendations Guide

What exactly counts as a specialist-class enemy? Multiple items require this rank to purchase, and any of them will work. Edit this page Discuss this page Page history.

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  • The Data Pad is on the right side of this building's rooftop.
  • Earn any combat skill medal.
  • Are More Gaming Fails Coming?

However, it is entirely up to you whatever mission you want to play to get the Pinpoint Commendation. Kill an enemy Spartan with the Magnum. Destinypedia, the Destiny wiki. You can pretty much play whatever Firefight Matchmaking or Score Attack game type that you are best at, but I have found that the Gruntpocalypse game type at Holdout works the best.

Destroy enemy occupied Mantises. When you get to the large area where there are crosswalks connecting to each of the floors, go to the third floor and look underneath a set of stairs inside a meeting room to find the Data Pad. Destroy enemy occupied Mongooses. Personally, I like to do this on a Thursday, because those challenges are all firefight related. Are Zombie Games Truly Undead?

The achievements will stack based on the level of difficulty you are playing on. You can find helpful strategies and tips when playing on Legendary all over the internet. Love them, I can play my favorites a second time. This trick can also be used later in the map if you get a checkpoint just before you have to start up the anti-air defense battery. Destroy enemy occupied Wasps.

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Run up the ramp, and turn left north. All you have to do is beat them on Normal difficulty or higher. Kill an enemy Spartan with the Carbine. Of course, Skirmishers are pretty darn annoying to kill, but there is a perfect place to take out those and Jackals in somewhat large numbers. Kill an enemy Spartan with the Suppressor.

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4. Firefight Multiplayer Miscellaneous

Earn a Killionaire medal in Firefight. When ready, leave the game, and you will get credits for doing nothing. Kill enemy Spartans with a Phaeton Gunship. Quickly dispatch the Marines when they land, but seek cover.

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  1. Just chuck grenades, blow up the enemy, and dominate!
  2. Kill an enemy Spartan with the Incineration Cannon.
  3. Kilo-Five Trilogy Glasslands.
  4. If you do it but don't unlock the achievement, don't give up!
  5. Quickly, enemies will come in through the door right in front of you and sometimes from the stairs.

Every commendation, save for Mastery commendations, dating has five tiers. Master all Slayer commendations. Master all Strongholds commendations.

While this achievement is for purchasing an armory item, you must first reach the rank of Lt. Kill an enemy Spartan with the Reach Grenade Launcher. It is difficult to give advice for this particular achievement, because they are very varied and could be related to either campaign, firefight, or matchmaking. Win a match in any Stronghold gametype in matchmaking. Luckily, there are way more enemy-occupied vehicles in the campaign than there are in Matchmaking or Firefight.

The Essential Visual Guide. Armored Core For Answer Guide. Well, ads classified Grunts are the obvious and correct answer.

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Halo Reach Firefight Commendations Guide

Stand by the green panel in the room with the lift, then turn around degrees, and look down to see it. Notice the fenced-off area on the upper level lines the out-of-bounds region to the northeast. You get a checkpoint right before the jump, so if you miss, just reload your last checkpoint, and keep trying until you get the achievement. If you like explosions, then you will love getting this commendation. You will unlock this achievement when finishing every mission by yourself on Legendary difficulty.

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