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Which, is four more than I was hoping to award. The only drawback I could find in the whole package was the engine.

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And it feels a bit last century in both operation and looks. Differentials and gearboxes wear for fun, as do the various suspension bushes and driveline joints. The Metropolis is what is affectionately known as a run-out model, offering more car for less money as customers get twitchy about buying the current car when the new one is on the horizon. This may save half a thimble full of fuel but it drove me mad. Now the base price is five grand more.

First of all, the chintzy bits and bobs that ruin the look of the modern Range Rover look rather good on the baby of the Land Rover range. Standon Calling, to be exact. However, the best thing about this car is the way it drives. All of these look, sort of, like an off-roader.

You simply have to turn a dial to the correct terrain setting including snow, sand and mud and ruts and the four-wheel-drive system adapts accordingly. Fuel economy is still in the very low thirties, which is what I expected from my experience with the Range Rover Evoque. Impressive comfort, excellent visibility and the oh-so-desirable Land Rover badge also contribute to its appeal. The interior gained a new centre console with a seven-inch multimedia touch screen and more cubby holes for storage. The precise gearshift action also helps, or for even greater ease you can specify an automatic gearbox - but only on four-wheel-drive models.

So nearly every crossover is bought with just front-wheel drive. And second, because we want fully to get to grips with this car before the new one comes along. This is simply a dinosaur.

But the Freelander arrangement is simple, cheaper, and quicker to carry out. Read on for our full Land Rover Freelander review to find out. The diffs and gearboxes also leak oil, while the electrics and electronics work only when they want to. My excuse for not recognising the current Range Rover model was all the Zebra camouflage.

So what you now have is a punchy off-roader that drives pretty well as quickly as anyone would ask of a car like this. In north Oxford a Range Rover of any sort is the devil. Although I am betting the replacement will have a can of gunk to deal with punctures and so free up even more space for storage. The deeper I dig the more it seems to be exactly the same as my car, simply with different badges. You get quite a big punch when you put your foot down.

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Because, when all is said and done, a front-wheel-drive Freelander is simply a very expensive and hard-to-park alternative to, say, a Ford Focus. The Freelander is one of those cars that can give nothing but trouble, yet owners love them and will happily come back for more. The Freelander has been to a music festival. Mechanically there is the option of the more powerful diesel that we have here, responding to dating email but most of the changes are focused around making the Freelander a more sophisticated proposition.

Land Rover review

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Driving this car is like lying in the bath. The other day, someone even blamed the motor industry for deforestation, even though the only car company still making its cars from wood is Morgan.

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