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Except for windage and elevation adjustment screws in the rear sight of the target version, the only screw in this revolver is the grip screw. Nonetheless, the Ruger Security-Six was quickly embraced by its intended audience, which included countless branches of the U. All springs are of durable coil type. All of the small, internal parts were made of stainless steel, thus practically guaranteeing maintenance-free longevity.

Assemble rest of gun in reverse order. Ruger used investment casting for most parts in an effort to hold down production costs. Lett Manufacturing in New Hampshire, fgf dating a now-defunct contractor.

  1. As such, they were complex, expensive to manufacture and required labor-intensive hand fitting.
  2. Military contracted for the fixed-sight.
  3. Pivot assembly upward into contact with frame.
  4. When you do, they may be battered externally, but internally they remain functional.
  5. The number of law enforcement agencies that adopted this pistol can be indicated by the number of Security-Six commemoratives produced over the years, including the M.
  6. This resulted in ease of assembly, which sped things up at the factory and made it equally convenient to disassemble the revolver in the field for maintenance.

Although the Security-Six was built like a tank, perhaps it is more fitting to say a tank was built like the Security-Six. The Ruger Security-Six was a solid-frame revolver that incorporated overengineered, dome-shaped recoil shields also reminiscent of Ruger's single actions. Following Ruger's vision, the new wheelgun had no sideplates.

By the early s, it was determined that the Ruger Six line guns were wearing out faster than expected from users that practiced frequently with. As with all Ruger handguns, the Security-Six was affordable. Despite being popular with civilians, Bill Ruger wanted to get into law enforcement and security contracts. Shooting the Security-Six double action was tantamount to using a grip exerciser.

Dating ruger security six
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The cylinder assembly is released to swing out to the left by depressing the cylinder release button in the left recoil shield of the frame. Ruger's new double action revolvers were unlike other guns on the market in that they used a one-piece frame, rather than a removable sideplate, which lent them superior strength. Bray Memorial Scholarship Marion P. In the field, god dating show trigger guard plunger may be depressed by rounded head of hammer strut.

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The grips are oil-finished American walnut, each fitted with a smaller circular Ruger medallion of white metal. Gun is shown unloaded, with all springs at rest. Among several desirable features of the Security-Six is that it can be disassembled easily for cleaning and lubrication without use of special tools. Trim, compact, and strong, this six-shot revolver with four-in. Also helping to keep costs down was the Ruger Security-Six's completely modular construction.

Starting with a basic concept Ruger sketched out on a sheet of paper, the handgun slowly, methodically began to take shape. Parts are number keyed to parts legend. Both revolvers incorporated side plates, which Ruger viewed as a structural weakness. Determine that revolver is unloaded before attempting disassembly. Pinned to the front of the rib is a Baughman-style quick-draw front sight.

Now Ruger was about to do the same thing with double actions. In pleasing contrast with the blued finish of the other metal parts, sides of the hammer and trigger are polished bright. Cutaway indicates relationship between assembled parts. This prevents accidental firings should the gun be dropped with the hammer down, esl lesson plan or should the hammer be struck when down and with the trigger forward.

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Classics Ruger Security-Six Revolver
  • Determine that transfer bar is situated to rear of internal crossbar of frame latch, and snap guard home.
  • Even today, after multiple thousands of rounds, a Security-Six will rarely wear out, which is why you don't see many of them for sale.
  • Cut checkering in a diamond-shaped area on the grips is nicely executed.
  • Pulling trigger will cycle cylinder, if assembly is correct.
Dating ruger security six

Value of a Security Six

Unlike most other handguns, the frame, crane, hammer, trigger, trigger guard and several smaller parts of the Security-Six are produced from chrome-molybdenum steel investment castings. Border Patrol until both agencies adopted. Its double-action trigger pull is satisfactorily smooth, without excessive buildup of resistance when the trigger pressure is increased. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The frame is not fitted with a sideplate as in many other revolvers.

Integral with the barrel are an ejector rod housing and a raised grooved barrel rib. Both dominated the law enforcement field with medium-frame wheelguns. Keeping trigger fully depressed, roll hammer forward and lift straight upward from frame.

Value of a Security Six - Ruger Forum

Tighten in vise, clever speed dating questions as before. All parts may then be separated. Music wire and stainless steel coil springs were used throughout.

Incorporating fixed sights and a round-butt frame, and available in. The hammer nose rests on the frame, and the transfer bar does not align with the firing pin until the trigger is fully to the rear. In addition, a few early production Security-Sixes were chambered solely in. Most of these wood grips featured a diamond-shaped panel of pressed checkering, though smooth walnut grips with uncheckered panels were shipped with some commemorative models. The barrel is a machined forging and the cylinder, which rotates to the left, is machined from bar stock.

Ruger New Model Single Six Serial Number History

Ruger Security-Six

An excellent safety feature of this revolver is the system of transmitting the hammer blow to the spring-loaded firing pin by means of a transfer bar. Insert empty cartridge cases in opposite chambers and unscrew cylinder, turning clockwise.

Ruger Security-Six

Ruger also chambered the Security-Six in. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As might be expected, the gun was chambered for the lawman's favorite, the. Handling and pointing qualities of this well-made reliable revolver are excellent, and its overall precision is very good. Nearly all Security-Sixes were chambered for the.

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