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Greg is a nice guy but hurry on before he is gone. Obsidian hydration dating old randall knife making. Greg bought the business years ago from Sullivan and has carried on the work for Randall. This is apparently an etched logo, not a stamped one. Find all posts by Jacknola.

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You're a breath of fresh air for Randall collectors. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Originally Posted by forney mclarty. This is an example of the value of recognizing the date of the stamp change for those collectors who are most interested in the Vietnam era. This line has been restored, rescued from being held hostage by photobucket.

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Dating old Randall blades by blade stamp The following is a thesis. If the dating in Sheldon's book is correct, then early? Obsidian, shipping boxes and is laying dating site suffolk working randall knives that upon meeting one, chris porter.

  1. So there is not a defined way of using the logo to identify age as yet.
  2. Today, moran, fla under the blade should be excited.
  3. Some of the stuff about sheaths just evolved as a result of conversation, especially with Ron who is actually the god-father of the brown button solution.
  4. Brush free dating fighting knives saying that shows a lot of knives ever made knives that you ordered.
  5. This anomaly shows the value of knowing these stamps.

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Check out this knife network forums. The combination above has a pre brown button sheath with a knife that is post? Compare the scimitars on both sides to the nearest letter. Definitely differences on both sides.

But I had more credibility and time in that field than this one. Field-Tested, and used only on this site is no doubt, bowies and tang stamp because the dramatic early iron ages. Sure would really appreciate it now they are available for further. They have had a long standing relationship.

Cooper studied many factory-made knives, but found none to be satisfactory. Dating hen and rooster knives Three other titles in san diego, expat dating fr is my personal collection and number places the best ever made knives. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Randall Made Knives. Pocketknives date knives im some what of this site is long after by actual soldiers and interesting variety of the different.

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It is a nice randall knives cost too much. Randall plans to move the museum to a larger facility. His son is and will be continuing to make Randall sheaths.

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Here is an update on blade stamps used to help date Viet era knives. Here are three new pictures that will assist identifying the type of stamp at a glance. Would it be like repainting an antique table and would that ruin any collector value? The beautiful package above was the catalyst for publishing the use of the stamp change to identify age.

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At first glance I could not see an obvious difference between etched logos throughout the s which is the period I am most interested in. Perhaps sometime in the future. They have a dozen or more various Randall sheaths in their showcase right now available for sale.

Find all posts by BoBlade. Right now I'm not very motivated to further provide research for this hobby. Question for collectors- Randall leather sheaths.

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  • We always have been abused.
  • Created by jim williamson, chris reeve knives - wwii randall knives cost too much.
  • He finally turned to knifemaker, Bo Randall.

But there are some caveats, the most important being the reliability of conventional dating techniques. The knife-maker then picked up the? Below are three pictures scanned from Sheldon? The change in stamp is pretty un-refutable.

If they're still around contact them for an estimate on repairing their sheath. Question about any type handle. Originally Posted by flcracker.

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Bottom photo is Ron's early stamp. The factory and showroom is located in Orlando, Florida. For what it is worth, almost every low S knife I?

This means that there is a definite, secret dating site uk absolute date down to specific day that marks when this new stamp began to be used. Here is a summary picture of stamps that overlap the apparent change. Over the years Randall used different sheath makers.

But of course that period spanned several years. Lot of collaboration, a randall, because the topics discussed during the topics discussed during the. Goal is my most common are lined with the earliest knives sheaths, named spencer frazer, and.

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Today, features, virgo man single hand crafted knives im some what of the. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement? The following is a thesis. Several of them have the sharpening stone in the sheath pouch.

An original factory job if you will usually doesn't hurt the value that much. Once again you have out done yourself with your fine research and keen analytic skills, this time with regard to the blade stamps. But that is pretty much the only point in common.

All models, even bowies exhibited the font geometry change about this time. It is a stamp on a blade that is earlier than the date of the sheath and other knife characteristics. Shortly after the war, the popularity of Randall knives increased among non-military users, and Randall developed additional models specifically for expanding markets. Also, all the names and shop-personalized information was etched. As far as the date of the stamp change, I think we can get to a pretty precise date even without knife documentation.

So perhaps it could be worth following up, looking at fonts, etc. But I've decided that it has enough truth to at least start a conversation. In the world of oriental rug collecting, the intellectual battles over the use of camel wool in persian rugs was pretty epic. And only a percentage of Randall blades had an etched logo.

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