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  • Stand up collar touching cheek.
  • Don't forget to look at the physical attributes of each image, this appears to be a daguerreotype.
  • With this information, you will be able to estimate the date your photograph was taken and begin to narrow down who could possibly be in the photograph.
  • How did the photograph s come into your possession?
  1. In early photographs of the s and s, they usually wear a long tunic top or full-skirted dress, over wide ankle-length or shorter trousers.
  2. Characteristics of the photograph itself provide clues to its age.
  3. It is difficult to date hats of the s because vintage photos show women wearing various shapes all through the decade.

Handling and Storage of Photographic Materials. So, that is when I think this photo was taken. Prince Albert and Victoria. Oh, and pants and jacket appear to be matching.

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Dating and Identifying Your Old Family Photographs

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Any hat could be worn with this suit with exception of the top hat. The key style clue here are her fancy pleated sleeve cuffs. One thing to note, when fashions reach their most extreme they usually change dramatically to the exact opposite. With the suits, colored shirts of putty, peach, blue-gray and cedar were worn.

Passionate about genealogy research and helping others find resources and tools to confidently research their genealogy, Lisa can be found at LisaLisson. Mary Minnie was photographed in mid to late s. There may also have been a time lag of a few years between new fashions first being worn in urban areas and their adoption in remoter country districts. The arrangement of the bodice fabric followed prevailing female fashions and sleeves were usually short and puffed, dating app for perhaps trimmed with ribbons or frills fig.

Like the daguerreotypes, ambrotypes are in small hinged cases. Research metals on military websites they are out there, I recognize a civil war metal on his chest. During the s the popular smock dress was introduced, vietsub hope for dating the fullness of the fabric falling freely from a fitted chest panel or yoke fig. These fellows do not appear to be taking a formal portrait.

Her full skirt and the fuller sleeves were common in the fashions of Civil War women. One shirt and many collars is easy on the laundering and the appearance of more clothes. During the s and s, the jacket lapels were often longer, while trousers sometimes show a centre front crease and may have turn-ups fig. Hoover over photo for surprise! Color Projector Slides Transparencies.

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Dating Ancestor Photos Through Clothing and Hairstyles

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Of course, there were exceptions to this general principle. Before and After Military Restorations. This is the version with Petillon beside Masterson. Being able to determine the approximate date and time of photographs may confirm existing research or lead you to discover new ancestors in your family tree. Starched white shirts with pleated yokes, bow ties and shirts with white wing collars were also seen.

Edwardian etiquette commanded successive changes of clothing for gentlemen during the day. Casual clothing demanded two-tone shoes in white and tan, or white and black. Research the hair and clothing fashions you find. This is a good question but photographic evidence suggests that in many cases even humbler working ancestors followed the latest styles.

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This is such a great article on dating old photos. Want help dating your old family photographs? By the s, naturally-shaped skirts were fitting closely over the hips, the main dating feature of this decade being the bodice or blouse sleeve. Betty has selected a handful of beautiful photos submitted by our community members and has provided her insights below to help color in the story of their ancestors. Welcome to the fifth in our series of blogs about how to understand and interpret your old family photos.

Historical Fashion Expert Helps Time Date Your Old Family Photos

Very tall top hat, dark collar with wide lapels, full facial hair, short hair, bow tie, stand up collar and gloves. It is a good table for lapels, hairstyles, collars, shirts, jackets, etc. We apologist for any long periods between entries some times medical issues prevail. Scrapbooking Inspirations and Solutions.

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Wealthy subjects had many fashionable ensembles to choose from, whereas ordinary working-class ancestors usually donned their best outfit, kept for church on Sundays and special occasions. They are wearing boots and low-crowned bowler hats. Shaped silk ties in small geometric patterns or diagonal stripes were secured with tie pins and a black bowler hat. Worn from present day for formal wear developed many versions. Collars and cuffs were made to be removable from s through to s.

The carte de visite gained popularity quickly during the Civil War as soldiers and family exchanged photographs. Betty Shubert is a historical fashion expert and the author of Out of Style. Appeared in the s, usually four cloth covered buttons, one engaged at the top. Lace-up style shoes were most in demand.

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As the bags measured anywhere from twenty-two inches to forty inches around the bottoms, they could easily be slipped on over the forbidden knickers. Immigrants to America who chose to be photographed, usually waited until they could afford new clothes so they could send pictures back home to proudly show they were now, real Americans. Often when you see this aberration, the picture is a tin type which was flipped when it was reprinted. This type of dress cravat is made of a thicker, woven type of silk similar to a modern tie and is traditionally either gray or black.

Are the individuals family members? You may not have much oral history in your family or a large extended family to ask. The photographic process makes the photographs appear to float. Her hair is pulled into a bun in the back. Herman Melvin, author, Mobey Dick.

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Notice the trim around the wide lapels of the s. In the era of the baggy pants dawned. In the the became for fitted and in between morphed into the suit we know today.

However, the cases were soon replaced by paper sleeves. Hats are low-crowned, soft felts, worn rakishly as if making a joke of being dressed up. It has been taken somewhere in Ghana, west Africa. Skipping this step is tempting, but avoid that temptation!

To see more of any category click on The titles. The fellow at the top center, with wears a work shirt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Could the photograph s be of her sisters, parents, or cousins? Who are the individuals in the photographs? Black patent-leather shoes were popular and often appeared with formal evening wear.

Photo courtesy of Steve Callahan I would date this picture about because of the huge circumference of the hat. Fringed tongues on Oxfords and brogues were seen frequently. Who owned the photograph s before you? Learn what decade a photo was taken? Throughout the later s, the front of the skirt became progressively flatter, online dating in pakistan rawalpindi with the emphasis growing increasingly on the back.

Mary Minnie Left Mary Minnie was photographed in mid to late s. Have you ever remembered when a photograph was taken of you based on your hairstyle or on the clothes you wore? The style originated when knickers were banned in the classroom. To see more of any category click on the titles. Stabling stand behind him and holding chair.

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