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When he comes home, however, their relationship is short-lived. Barry Bostwick plays Roger Frank, a wealthy businessman and Smith's father. Andy faces some challenges to his reputation as mayor of Gulf Haven and deals with a new boss at his day job. When Kirsten gets a job in Chicago, he proposes to her in an attempt to get her to stay, which she rejects. Bobby finally becomes gainfully employed and moves out of the boat, but to Andy's dismay, the job is in Georgia.

Later Jules decided to break up with him due to his desire for a serious relationship. Andy loses his job and his mayorship, and becomes a stay-at-home dad, while Ellie returns to work as a corporate lawyer. Jules also has a close relationship with her widower father, Chick. The couple later reconcile.

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Ellie has also been shown to be attracted to him. He is usually the one to calm Jules when she overreacts. Andy, an investment advisor, is a devoted husband to Ellie and also a loving father to their son, Stan. Ellie is married to Andy Torres, and the two have a son, Stan. Travis begins college, making friends with his roommate Kevin and starting to date a slightly older girl named Kirsten.

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Laurie also takes part in excessive drinking like all of the gang. Travis loses his virginity to Kylie, but the two later break up after they both cheat on each other. Seeing this, Wade breaks up with her, and she soon begins to reveal that she does have feelings for Travis.

Barbara works in the same real estate office as Jules who is also another cougar, although Barb is older than Jules. Jules resides in a small town in Florida and is a real estate agent who is successful in business. Laurie spent much of her youth in and out of foster homes, and early in the series she is struggling to live life as a functional adult. Travis is having trouble dealing with his feelings for Laurie, neck theory dating and begins dating around and sleeping with girls in college in an attempt to repress his feelings.

Laurie works with Jules in the same real estate office as her assistant. She has also shown attraction towards other men, including Bobby and Grayson. She supported him after the divorce for a number of years until he resisted. Jules also uses therapy with Lynn as a punishment which she uses on Grayson, Ellie and Bobby. Spending a lot of time with his parents and their friends, he often flirts with Laurie and is shown to have a crush on her.

Travis loses his virginity to Kylie, but the two later break up after they both cheat on each other with Travis kissing Heather Spangler and Kylie kissing Joey Spangler. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day. He owns and operates Gray's Pub, a frequent hangout for the gang. Trying to become part of the group, he follows the gang to Hawaii but is not noticed until the end of their trip.

Josh is the first guy that Jules begins dating for a string of episodes. After her break-up with Jeff, Jules sleeps with Bobby but rejects his offer to reunite romantically.

The fifth season frequently focuses on the growing relationship between Laurie and Travis. Brad Morris as Jerry season - One of Bobby's friends that he kept avoiding because he owed him money, although the two settled the debt when Bobby let him use his boat's parking lot for his wedding. Despite being divorced she still considers Bobby to be one of her best friends. Van Holt exited the series at the beginning of the sixth season, as his character took a club pro job at a golf course in Georgia.

He is also a neurosurgeon. Ellie is a somewhat reluctant mother, demanding a nanny despite being a stay-at-home mom. Rosa was a recurring character often mentioned and seen during season two. He then runs away to Hawaii, until the whole gang brings him back. Travis falls into a depressive funk, stops going to college, and moves into Bobby's boat while Bobby moves into an apartment.

They eventually decide to move in together, but Wade leaves when he realizes that Laurie has feelings for Travis. Later Jules begins a relationship with Jeff Scott Foley a client who infuriates Jules with his indecision.

Bobby Cobb Bobby Cobb is Jules ex-husband. Shortly afterwards, Bonnie and Jerry hired Jules to find them a house, and later had Jules and Grayson as maid of honor and best man at their wedding. With help from Ted and his a'capella group, they pull it off and Bobby and Angie get together.

Chick's Alzheimers'disease worsens, and he has to move closer to Jules. After a few appearances, her first name was revealed to be Lisa. She resides in Gulfhaven, Florida and is a successful real estate agent. Ellie and Grayson give her a new wine glass as a gift and name it Big Tippi.

He seems to have a crush on her whenever he's not with someone. The character of Matt appears in season two as a friend of Grayson's unknowingly to Jules, when Grayson learns that they have slept together. Finding few career prospects after graduating college, he starts a mobile wine delivery business. He becomes friends with Jules and after a series of flirting between the two he eventually falls for her.

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She eventually realizes she has feelings towards Travis near the end of the fourth season, and she reveals this to him. In the finale, Laurie and Travis face a breakup after arguing about their future, before Travis confides that the only future that matters to him is one with Laurie in it. He is dating a tom-boyish redhead named Lisa Riggs. Because she has been out of the dating world for a while, Jules discovers it is difficult to find love again. She and Bobby began dating at the end of season four.

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Each season Jules has had, in succession, a series of increasingly larger drinking vessels. Ellie's mom is introduced, and no one will believ Ellie when she tries to tell the crew that her mother is a sociopath.

However, her anger at Laurie dissipates when Laurie's boyfriend Smith breaks up with her, having realized that he didn't feel the same way about her as she did about him. Laurie falls for a guy via Twitter, a soldier from Iraq named Wade.

The season follows the ups and downs of their engagement, including their many trips to a new psychiatrist played by guest star Nicole Sullivan. He eventually gains acceptance into the group but many still don't treat him like a part of it. Beginning a week after their wedding, the season shows Jules and Grayson going through a lot of changes now that they are newlyweds. Andy is a devoted husband to Ellie and also a loving father to their son, Stan. Bobby married Jules after she became pregnant with their son, Travis.

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She usually appears briefly to deliver a lascivious one-liner. He also has invented a game, Penny Can, which is featured in several episodes. She leaves after her impulsive unplanned lifestyle does not mesh with Bobby's. They have coffee together every morning and drink wine throughout the day. The second season follows the development of Jules and Grayson's relationship.